501(c)(3) Corporation

The WLCA is 501(c)(3) certified. Following are some highlights of what it means to be 501(c)(3) certified:

  • Exempt from federal income tax
  • Lower postal rates
  • Exempt from taxation on purchases of goods
  • Certified by the IRS as a “qualified organization” under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code which allows donors to deduct contributions made to the organization
  • 501(c)(3) exempt organizations qualify for programs such as
    • Community Food Banks – allow organizations to purchase food at 12 cents per pound
    • Operation Lincs – acquires non cash items for organizations such as computers, carpet, tooling, art, new toys for children, etc…
    • Goodwill Industries Job Training Program – allows organizations to be used as sites for community service performed by its program patrons free of charge
    • And many more…