Why join?

Members of the Weaver Lake Conservation Association are committed to making Weaver Lake a healthy and balanced environment for all our families to enjoy! Lend your support by continuing your membership and becoming an active member of the WLCA. Remember, your contributions to WLCA are tax deductible!
The WLCA is 501(c)(3) certified. Following are some highlights of what it means to be 501(c)(3) certified:

  • Exempt from federal income tax
  • Lower postal rates
  • Exempt from taxation on purchases of goods
  • Certified by the IRS as a “qualified organization” under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code which allows donors to deduct contributions made to the organization

Who is eligible for membership?

All 750+ home owners within the watershed of Weaver Lake are eligible.

What is the watershed area?

The watershed is the area surrounding the lake where the runoff from the properties runs directly into Weaver Lake via storm sewers or indirectly into Weaver Lake via holding ponds and inlets.