2012 Lake Treatment Plan

1. Plant surveys and water quality monitoring are a critical step in understanding the health of the lake and considered a critical element when speaking with the DNR.


The WLCA board has approved plant surveys and water quality monitoring again this year, and has contracted Freshwater Scientific Services to complete this work. If you have not looked at the previous studies you should go to the following web site:




2. Curly Leaf: Our battle against curly leaf took a pause in 2011 as we stopped chemical treatment to let the lake return to a bit more of a natural equilibrium. We found out that curly leaf growth rebounded quickly and was more widespread than anticipated. As a result the board has agreed to treat the lake for curly leaf in 2012. We are working now with the DNR to determine the extent of treatment.


3. Algae treatment: It seems every spring, Weaver Lake experiences an algae bloom as the water temperature warms with some years bloom worse than other years. While the board has not made a final decision on this issue, the sentiment of the board is not to treat for algae for the following reasons:


a. The treatment is only effective only for a 2 weeks, after 2 weeks the algae bloom will continue


b. The copper sulfate treatment for algae is hard on small fish and lake insects. Many environmentalists discourage this treatment.


c. The cost of treatment is significant –last years quote was $8000



The turnout of volunteers in to clean the boat launch area in 2010 was very impressive. If the 2012 algae bloom were of the 2010 magnitude, we will organize a similar effort.

Read more about our Lake Management Efforts.

Thanks to the prudent fiscal management by the WLCA Board, we are happy to announce that we will once again be asking for only $80 this year to fund these important lake improvement projects. We hope you will continue to contribute – it is really making a difference. Go to the Membership and Contribution form.