Weaver Lake Sub-Watershed Assessment

The watershed is the area surrounding the lake where the runoff from the properties runs directly into Weaver Lake via storm sewers or indirectly into Weaver Lake via holding ponds and inlets. It comprises approximately 750 homes from the neighborhoods around the lake.

In 2020, due to the hard work of several board members, we secured a financial commitment of $30,000 from the city and Elm Creek Watershed to fund a sub-watershed assessment of the Weaver Lake watershed. 

We are pleased to report these funds have been secured and the assessment will take place over the next year. 

The general purpose of  a subwatershed assessment is to organize existing data collected to date, identify gaps in the data, update watershed modeling, and identify/recommend improvement opportunities for pollutant load reductions. 



The following items will be identified as part of the subwatershed assessment final report:
  • Study areas discharging untreated stormwater to Weaver Lake, as well as areas where treatment may be enhanced.

  • Improvement options will be developed and evaluated to determine the amount of stormwater treatment benefit.

  • Constructability analysis will be completed to ensure improvements provide a feasible/achievable solution.

  • Cost-benefit analysis will be completed to help prioritize the projects that will provide the "best bang for the buck" based on initial cost, annual maintenance cost, and overall phosphorus removed annually.